The Planter Project

If you’re interested in helping us save the bees, we urge you to bee an ambassador and sponsor our unique planters for either your home or business. As the human population continues to grow, we also continue to deforest large sections of land which once held plants and vegetation for bees and other animals. Our planter project brings once what was found in the wild to your front porch. Our planters come in only 1 size and will be created by one of our volunteers. The cost of sponsoring a planter is $75.00 which includes the pot, the soil, the plants and placement of your name or business on our website along with a small bottle of our honey and a coupon for purchase of any of our Uncle B’s products.

Adopt a Honey Bee

With a small purchase of only $25.00, you can adopt a bee. With this purchase, you will receive an adoption certificate, a small bottle of honey and a uniquely made bracelet with a honey bee charm. The money collected will go into helping ease the difficulties of the honeybees by providing them a constant food source in our very own bee sanctuary.

Adopt a Hive

With a 1 time purchase of $150.00, you can help shelter an entire colony of honeybees that will range from 15,000 to 30,000 bees. What you will get with this purchase is a 4″ x 6″ photo of the hive, wooden honey spoon, 8 oz honey jar, adoption certificate & a handmade clay seed pop to plant for your local pollinators. Proceeds will fund the continuation and expansion of Uncles B’s apiary and teach the husbandry of the hive to the local youth in our community.